Nickole Brown is a poet and fiction writer. This is her home-made homepage, just the starting point you need should you want to find the difference between blood and water, mothers and mamas, crows and ravens. This is also the place to think about smoking stolen cigarettes out a fly-specked window screen, baking a cup of sugar into a skillet of cornbread, or maybe applying hot pink lipstick in the dark. You will not, unfortunately, find feet with proper arches, glasses of water without ice, or anything smelling of gardenias, stargazers, or espresso. She proudly sprang up from mud, and there she remains. Make yourself at home here. Click on the suggested links, bore yourself with her bio, send heckling, smitten, silly notes. If she’s not traveling, sleeping, working, or fixing an appliance with a butter knife, she might write back.



Recent online features:

-"A Prayer for the Self-Made Man," San Pedro Review, 2014.

-"For My Grandmother's Perfume" Poem-A-Day Project, The Academy of American Poets, 2013

-"Lottie" and "Pepsi," Waccamaw, Fall 2013

-"Fanny Says How to Be a Lady" and "Sweet Silver," storySouth 2013 (interview)

-"Go Put On Your Face" and "Your Monthly," JMWW, 2012